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Grippo's has been making their delicious snack foods since 1919. There's nothing plain about our potato chips. For a little more zip try our  Wavy Salt & Vinegar, Wavy Sour Cream & Onion, Wavy Sweet Maui Onion or Wavy Cheddar & Horseradish flavored potato chips.

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The Most Deliciously Fun Snack Food

Grippo's was founded by Angelo Grippo in 1919. Known as the Grippo's Cone Company, it manufactured rolled sugar cones in a one-room office on Court Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. Grippo's added pretzels to their business and in 1923 began hand twisting and baking the traditional twist pretzel. The standard sized pretzel sold for a penny each at retail locations throughout Greater Cincinnati.

In 1930, Angelo Grippo invented the loop pretzel. Mr. Grippo wanted a simple pretzel that could be made easily and would resist breakage. The loop pretzel looks like a tear drop. Mr. Grippo not only invented but also constructed and put the pretzel looping machines into operation.